Breakers Service

In UK there are over 100 million available used car parts, and no easy way to find them. This is why SBI Systems Ltd. has created this search engine, working closely with car breakers, to bring to the end user (you, the client) their inventory as easy and fast as possible. It is a system that allows search results to be sorted by price, grade or distance and then provides you with the auto recycler’s contact information to ask more questions or arrange a purchase.

Inventory System

The inventory system is a fourth generation web hosting software and data centre, it is an Internet based system that opens up car breakers inventory to anyone with a computer and a browser.

The difference between this website and most others around the world is that the car parts you find are REAL Live parts inventory, that car breakers yards actually have in stock ready to sell.

You're not just sending a part request, or looking up a catalogue of 'maybes', as such the value of the service to both the buyer and the supplying yard is incredible.

If you are an auto/car breaker, recycler or dismantler and would like to learn more about SBI Systems Ltd. low-cost, all-in-one Internet solutions for your business, please contact us or visit our Product website.

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Auto Recycling Inventory and Salvage Yard Management Software  Web Designing

We provide web design services for the Auto Dismantlers and Auto Recyclers. Our professionally designed turn-key websites will enable any auto recycler to market their inventory more cost-effectively by establishing a reliable Web presence.

Auto Recycling Inventory and Salvage Yard Management Software  Data Migration

Data migration is a key element to consider when adopting any new system, either through purchase or new development. One would think that any two systems that maintain the same sort of data must have performed similar tasks. Therefore, information from one system should map to the other with ease. However, this is rarely the case.

Auto Recycling Inventory and Salvage Yard Management Software  How do we migrate data?  

  • Analyze and define source structure (structure of data in the legacy system)
  • Analyze and define target structure (structure of data in the new system)
  • Perform field mapping (mapping between the source and target structure with data cleansing, if necessary)
  • Define the migration process (automated vs. manual)

Auto Recycling Inventory and Salvage Yard Management Software   SEO Marketing

A website that employs a good Search Engine Optimisation will show up at the top of the rankings of search engines like Google when certain search terms are entered. Otherwise, your website is fighting for that prime top spot on the search list amongst other thousands.