B.I.M.S.  (Bridges Inventory Management System) is licensed on a per location basis.  The cost of a license is a one off fee after which you own the license, however, licenses are not transferable and cannot be re-sold. 

Bridges System

Bridges Inventory Management System software: £300 (per month)

Bridges Inventory Management Systems license: £2499 ( per business location)

B. I. M. S. (Bridges Inventory Management System)  is licensed on a per business location, unlimited users. This means that you are required to purchase one license for your business no matter how many work stations you have on which you want to run the software.

Registration number lookups (vehicle entry in the BIMS ) : included

Zebra label printer integration: optional

Installation fee and training: £275 per day


Support packages

Support is optional, and is charged on an annual basis

Annual support package: £1200 p.a. (per business location)

Work for supported clients, £45/hour and £400/day if the issues are not SBI Systems Ltd related. 


Web design packages 

£500 one-time fee web design package includes hosting, support, website design and software integration, basic SEO, EU Cookie Compliance, Email queue system.

£100 / month will include advanced SEO, Google Analytics 

Bridges software, will automatically upload all of your inventoried parts and information to your website without any human intervention 


Data Migration

Data transfer and upgrades if needed (usually  2 to 5 business days): £400 per day



All prices exclude VAT

Prices are in Pounds Sterling

To run our software, you will need a suitable computer system that matches our system requirements

Prices last updated February, 2016


Extras and options features

   * Ebay integration

              eBay annual fee (includes set-up and template): £500 p.a.

    * Custom parts search

              integration of search module within your own website

          - Car parts online from UK

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