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B.I.M.S.  (Bridges Inventory Management System) is licensed on a per location basis.  The cost of a license is a one off fee after which you own the license, however, licenses are not transferable and cannot be re-sold. 

Bridges System

Bridges Inventory Management System software: £300 (per month)

Bridges Inventory Management Systems license: £2499 ( per business location)

B. I. M. S. (Bridges Inventory Management System)  is licensed on a per business location, unlimited users. This means that you are required to purchase one license for your business no matter how many work stations you have on which you want to run the software.

Registration number lookups (vehicle entry in the BIMS ) : included

Zebra label printer integration: optional

Installation fee and training: £275 per day


Support packages

Support is optional, and is charged on an annual basis

Annual support package: £1200 p.a. (per business location)

Work for supported clients, £45/hour and £400/day if the issues are not SBI Systems Ltd related. 


Web design packages 

£500 one-time fee web design package includes hosting, support, website design and software integration, basic SEO, EU Cookie Compliance, Email queue system.

£100 / month will include advanced SEO, Google Analytics 

Bridges software, will automatically upload all of your inventoried parts and information to your website without any human intervention 


Data Migration

Data transfer and upgrades if needed (usually  2 to 5 business days): £400 per day



All prices exclude VAT

Prices are in Pounds Sterling

To run our software, you will need a suitable computer system that matches our system requirements

Prices last updated February, 2016


Extras and options features

   * Ebay integration

              eBay annual fee (includes set-up and template): £500 p.a.

    * Custom parts search

              integration of search module within your own website

          - Car parts online from UK

Auto Recyclers - Auto Breakers - Auto Dismantlers software provider

IMS (Inventory Management System) - YMS (Yard Management System) for Auto Recyclers

Welcome to SBI Systems Software

SBI Systems Ltd. is software and web Application Company dedicated to developing state-of-the art IMS (Inventory Management System) – YMS (Yard Management System), marketing and business management solutions for the auto recyclers and auto dismantler industry. Our aim is to provide the best tools to help our clients manage their business and improve their SALES through easy-to-use yet powerful computer program (SBIs IMS-YMS) and website services.

BIMS (Bridge Inventory Management System) program has been developed through working closely with auto dismantler dealers , incorporating their input into an efficient, easy-to-use IMS-YMS computer program improving your business performance by eliminating complexity.

Our easy-to-use IMS - YMS program helps you to manage your inventory, setup and track sales. SBI Systems (IMS - YMS) program has all the features in the software necessary to conduct day-to-day operations.

We have designed the program in a way so that anyone can upload and manage the inventory from within SBIs IMS - YMS computer program. Every car part/parts entered in the SBIs IMS - YMS program is also marketed online at no extra charge on our database at , a system that is in constant communication with SBIs IMS - YMS program. Once a part(s) is entered in the IMS-YMS it is virtually instantly available on our database and to anyone searching for it worldwide.

Using our products and services, managing, and promoting your inventory and business online can be as easy as a click of a button. Work with us and discover how SBI Systems can make a big difference to your critical business applications and your bottom line. For more information on this products please contact our office.


Thanks You ! - Car parts online from UK

Auto Recyclers - Auto Breakers - Auto Dismantlers software provider

IMS (Inventory Management System) - YMS (Yard Management System) for Auto Recyclers

Contact the company

For information on any of our products please send us an Email or call us at the number listed on this page.



Get in touch

SBI Systems Ltd.

Address: Crawley, West Susex, RH10 7FZ, UK

Telephone: +44 (0) 7429 583 010

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



3R Auto Parts is a search engine that offers you auto parts / car parts from UK auto / car breakers. Our website offers you free access tocar parts published by various car dismantlers. After you find your desired parts, we give you the contact information of the car breaker, for a direct purchase.

3R Auto Parts doesn't get involved in any transaction, doesn't sell any parts and doesn't offer any warranty. We just offer the online space for publishing car parts offered by UK car breakers.

3R Auto Parts is the fastest and easiest way to search thousands of used car parts from auto dismantlers / auto breakers inventories to find exactly the parts you need.

3R Auto Parts - Car parts online from UK

Auto Recyclers - Auto Breakers - Auto Dismantlers software provider

IMS (Inventory Management System) - YMS (Yard Management System) for Auto Recyclers


For a monthly subscription of £195/mo. you as a business partner will get the following Desktop Licenses for unlimited work stations at your location Registration number lookup and uploading your YMS for inventory accuracy Listing on unlimited parts eBay Module coming mid of 2015 Buy Now with PayPal from your own site
SBI Systems web designer can design a web site for you with your complete inventory searchable on your website.
3R Auto Parts puts only your parts on your website. 3R Auto Parts on its site database will list all its business partners’ inventory but this is not to say that you don’t have equal exposure as you know people shop based on many factors ( price, quality, color, distance, warranty and so on)
This is the name people type in on the Internet to go directly to your website (e.g.
The cost to acquire a domain name (your address on the Internet) is £50 per name for ten years. The design costs on a basic website is £100 and up.
The basic website normally would include three pages. The first page would include your company name, your logo, your complete mailing and shipping address, telephone numbers, fax numbers, your basic warranty (30-60 etc. days), the availability of extended warranties, any credit cards you accept, your hours, trade or other associations & affiliations and any specialty your yard has or unique services. You want to include information on your website that will answer common questions customers usually telephone to ask. By doing this you will allow your salesman more time to sell parts instead of answering simple questions such as how late are you open today or do you take VISA or other cards etc. The second page would be a search page so your customers can search your inventory and get instant results as to part condition, price and availability. The third page will have information about you and what new on your site and 3r auto - Car Parts online UK

Auto Recyclers - Auto Breakers - Auto Dismantlers software provider

IMS (Inventory Management System) - YMS (Yard Management System) for Auto Recyclers

Breakers Service

In UK there are over 100 million available used car parts, and no easy way to find them. This is why SBI Systems Ltd. has created this search engine, working closely with car breakers, to bring to the end user (you, the client) their inventory as easy and fast as possible. It is a system that allows search results to be sorted by price, grade or distance and then provides you with the auto recycler’s contact information to ask more questions or arrange a purchase.

Inventory System

The inventory system is a fourth generation web hosting software and data centre, it is an Internet based system that opens up car breakers inventory to anyone with a computer and a browser.

The difference between this website and most others around the world is that the car parts you find are REAL Live parts inventory, that car breakers yards actually have in stock ready to sell.

You're not just sending a part request, or looking up a catalogue of 'maybes', as such the value of the service to both the buyer and the supplying yard is incredible.

If you are an auto/car breaker, recycler or dismantler and would like to learn more about SBI Systems Ltd. low-cost, all-in-one Internet solutions for your business, please contact us or visit our Product website.

Website Design

Domain name registration

Email address

Contact form

Google maps

Homepage slider and pictures


Mobile responsive


3R Auto Parts - Car parts online from UK

Auto Recyclers - Auto Breakers - Auto Dismantlers software provider

IMS (Inventory Management System) - YMS (Yard Management System) for Auto Recyclers